Founded with the customer in mind, Fusion Transport represents the combination of two third-party logistics businesses, GTLi and Am Trans. The founders and principals of the businesses identified weaknesses in the incumbent LTL business model and sought to merger to create a nationwide LTL network offering customers better service at a lower cost.


About Global Transport Logistics, Inc.

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Founded in 1995, Global Transport Logistics started as an LTL broker focused on the chemicals industry. In 2008, the company developed an innovative pooled LTL program leveraging dedicated capacity secured from the U.S. Postal Service and in 2011 began moving food and consumer packaged goods into retail distribution networks on behalf of several large manufacturers. This program evolved into a highly successful, dedicated retail consolidation program for Walmart shippers, initially from a single New Jersey pool point. The company launched a California pool in 2015 and a Texas pool in 2017 and has expanded its efforts to include Target, Walgreens, Dollar General, and other major retailers. For more about GTLi, visit www.gtli.net.


About Am Trans Expedite, Inc.

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Founded in 2002, Am Trans Expedite began as a non-asset transportation broker handling truckload shipments along with LTL, partial, expedited, hotshot, and overweight/overdimensional freight. Beginning in 2015, the company evolved to develop a highly successful hybrid model that combines brokered third-party capacity and a growing internal fleet. Approximately half of the company's revenue now comes from moving freight through its proprietary capacity network. As part of this network, the company operates two cross-dock warehouses in Addison, Illinois. For more information, visit www.goamtrans.com.